Workout Diary of the Day!  

I love being a mom, but man oh man does it do a number to our body!  My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 6.  I just turned the big and dreadful 4-0!  I've been working hard to get my body back into shape.  It's not easy and I rather just eat a piece a chocolate and watch TV.

I've been working out hard for the past month at our local gym.  Some days I can make it with friends but school is out and hard with everyone schedule to make it.  It's hard to get up and get going!  But I'm determined.  I'm not happy with my belly and the weight I gain "lets be honest" for the past "12" years!

So I hit the gym this am and pushed the treadmill harder than normal this am "30 Minutes of Hell".  I swear I'm the only one who sweats in that place!  Today was leg & ab day after cardio.  I do feel much better after working out but just to keep yourself motivated to go to the gym is a workout in itself!  

Keep it up people you can do it!


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