Workout Diary of the Day!

Ok lets face it getting up this am was rough I rather just lay in bed and do nothing.  But I thought as I was laying there!  I really need to get up and head to the gym, laying here is not going to make my tummy flatter, arms and legs slimmer!  Ugggg!  

I did it!  Work hard again this am.  Switched up cardio a bit this morning.  I typically run on treadmill which I love running.  What the heck lets try this elliptical thing!  Wow what a great work out on that!  25 minutes down!  After I focused on arms and abs!

So glad I didn't lay in bed and say I'll workout tomorrow!  I needed to go today.  Since its hard for me to do on the weekends.  This weekend is my little ones 6th Birthday Party.  And my mom is coming into town!  So I will hit the gym early tomorrow.  Saturday is out!  :)

Have a fabulous day all!  Keep it up and don't loose sight!


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